Thursday, December 28, 2006

Why you shouldn't give your little sister your password

Alright, I'm tired of reading about queso waiting for SFG. Not that I wouldn't mind her coming to visit and would be happy to make it for her myself.

Little sister Carrie here folks. Who's ready for Nicole to post something new?

I keep pestering her the way only a little sister can, and yet nothing. Something about kids, holidays, blah, blah, blah...


I mean, I was over at her house for Christmas, lazyily lounging around, playing with the children... (not doing dishes or cleaning or changing diapers, mind you - just drinking her beer and eating all her food), and I still found time to blog. ;)



It's time for tough love. I'm bringing out the drunk picture. The one she took with my camera back when we were out for my birthday. I have to do it, my hands are tied.
Nicole Drinking...

Friday, October 27, 2006

SFG- I'll have queso waiting...

My sweet SFG is coming down to see me!! Whoo-Hoo! I have always wanted to meet her. Its weird and cool how you can totally 'click' with people you have never even met! She is not coming really but to amuse her I will update. I am here. I have been SERIOUSLY slacking lately in my blogging efforts! Anyway lemme catch you up.

This week I am in the process of finishing a directory that I volunteered to do for one of Ryans pre schools. I copied my friend Shelli who did one for her daughter Lola's class. It is taking way longer than I thought it would but what the hell. Mainly because when 1 and 3 year olds are awake it is difficult to work on :)

Its basically a picture of each kiddo, the address, phone number and the parents names. When I am done with it in the year 2009 its going to look so cute!!!

I also went to Wal Mart and got a gazillion pumpkin cups that I am filling up with googly eye glasses, rubber eye balls, pencils, candy, stickers, etc for Halloween to wrap up with cellophane and give to all of Ryans school mates.

Anything wrapped in cellophane looks cute you know.

For all of his teachers I got them a candy dish that looks like a candy corn that I am filling with Reeses peanut butter cups (We are partial to that candy :)) Pumpkin candy corns and my new favorite Halloween candy- Creeper Peepers. They are chocolate balls filled with either caramel, peanut butter or chocolate wrapped in foil that makes them look like an eyeball. Eye love them, so will you! HA!!

Did I mention that I love Halloween?

This weekend we are taking Ryan to the Renaissance Festival tomorrow. Although as expected both of my children AGAIN have the freaking sniffles. We are running at once a month with getting sick right now. WTF?! I change their sheets every Monday, we feed them well, they get plenty of sleep, they take vitamins and yet SICK!!! Arrrgh.

It is cold here today which totally throws off my wardrobe. I am used to the usual 85-100 degree flip- flop wearing weather we have year round here so when a cold bit blows through I find it difficult to get dressed. Mainly because all of my winter stuff is up in the attic and I am to lazy to drag it all down. Also my closet is overflowing as it is already and if I went and got the warm stuff down then I would be forced to clean out my closet. I mean really who has time for that?

Next week Franny and I are heading to Las Vegas on Thursday! Yep... VEGAS BABY!!! Our friend Shelli is turning the big 4-0 so what better way to celebrate than drinking oneself into oblivion and losing all our money? Whoo-Hoo! Seriously though we aren't really big gamblers. Can't say the same for the drinking though :) heehee! We haven't been since the whole family went back when Carrie turned 21 and golly that was a LONG time ago!!!! ;) heehee *love you sis* I am a little hesitant to get on a plane and leave my sweet babies behind. I mean as in like going states away from them. That is weird to me because I have never been more than 3 hours driving distance away from them.

I suppose on Sunday I will make my way into the aforementioned closet and start trying to pack oh and maybe go to Sams... I really can see why you people love me- I am so freaking exciting. Ok that's it for me. Have a happy weekend!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Happy Anniversary Nicole and Fran!

Little sister Carrie here.

I know you are all awaiting an update from my big sis, but she is down at the coast with the hubs celebrating their 6th anniversary. (Note: they dated for like 10 years before getting married or something, so they must really love each other :P) My parents have the munchkins until Sunday, so hopefully, they will have a wonderful time!!


They were down at the coast last weekend with the fam, minus me, and only back in town for two days, so she couldn't update you all with her fabby life. Don't worry, SFG, I'm on her ass about her lack of blogging. :)

Who knew, when I first heard about this 'Fran' guy, back when I was still in High School, that he would be the 'one' and that they would become such a wonderful couple and end up with such great kiddos! Not to mention, that I adore my BIL and he has become the big brother I never had, but always wanted. :)

I wanted to post a picture of them from their wedding, but my printer/scanner has decided that it no longer wishes to be of service. :P
I do have their engagement picture, which is just as awesome:


Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend Review

Friday I kept Ryan home from school again mainly because I was still feeling sick and didn't feel like getting up and going through the hassle of getting him there on time and such. So instead the kids and I had a nice day at home where I did laundry and took them on a walk and then relaxed while they both took their naps. I do not wish whatever this funk is that we have on anyone because it just LINGERS. Arrrrgh!!! Friday night was really nice- it rained and cooled the weather off so we opened up the windows and aired the house out and I made a pot roast (yummy Fall food) and then the 4 of us did as we always do and took a walk that night after dinner.

Saturday we had my cousins wedding to go to at 4. My kiddos were supposed to go and stay overnight with their grandparents but my dad was still illing from the funk that no doubt my kids gave to him. My mom graciously offered though to come over to our house and watch them here so that we, Fran, myself and my sis, could still go to my cousins wedding and then out afterwards for some adult time :) Here is Saturday in pictures:

Fran and I at the wedding:

Carrie and I at the wedding:

My cousin and his new bride- first dance as husband and wife:

My uncle and me: ( I think the large smile must come from my moms side of the family):

My other cousin Clinton and Frank:
My Aunt Carol with Miss Makenzie and Jonathan:
My cousin Shelly and her daughther Emma:
My Uncle and Clinton again- notice the mouths :)

Later that evening we headed over to the new Buffalo Wild Wings here in Cypress and as you can imagine with the Astros playing it was packed but we managed to have a good time :) heehee!

We had the pleasure of meeting up with SuZan and her husband Big G from Celebrating Women, my dear friend (of how many years now?!) Miss Shell, from Shells Thoughts and our neighbors Janice and Jim.

The company was terrific, the food was super yummy, the alcohol was flowing and the Astros won- It was truly a great time :) We even had the pleasure of meeting G2 in the flesh and ladies he is every bit as cute as he is on his moms blog!!!

After wards we went to one more bar and then called it a night.
Suzan and Big G
Shell and Me
Shell, Fran and I. It would appear that by this time I needed some holding up :) heehee!

Sunday we chilled and watched lots of football- Fran finally got all the baby proof latches on our kitchen and bathroom cabinets since Reese has decicded that she likes to play with bleach and other household cleaning items. That night we were feeling a bit lazy so we did Carrabas for dinner. It was super yummy but if there was ever a food that makes your ass feel like its growing right when you are eating... its Carrabas!

So today its back to the diet grind. Thank you to everyone we went out with and got to see over the weekend! We had a really great time!
Happy Monday!
That is all.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Hi there! I'm a bit of a bore lately, no?

(it's a bitch to have a little sister who has your password)

Just in case you were all a bit BORED that I haven't updated recently:

I'm still here. It seems, almost my whole family got sick after spending the weekend celebrateing Ryan's 3rd Birthday, and that has kept me a bit busy. (such a lame excuse, I know)

Now that my sis is on the mend, apparantly, my site will be updated to join the Beta-blogger world sometime next week.

Other than that, I'm still fabulous, my kids are still ab-so-freaking-lutely adorable, and this weekend is SURE to provide me with something to blog about. It better, or next week, my dear, sweet, angelic, wonderful, intelligent, incredible, beautiful, amazing sister will once again hijack my blog and post for me. :)

To keep you pacified, until I do actually update all by myself, here are some videos from Mr. Bo-Bo's big weekend that my FABULOUS little sister took:

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Look at what a dedicated mom I am - I even managed to keep my sunglasses on my head the entire time. :)
Note: My sister(not pictured) and I learned that multiple slides down the bouncer causes quite a bit of friction, which leads to a literal occurence of a 'chapped ass'. Who. Knew?

Here's Bo-Bo (Ryan) getting his BIG present on Sunday - can you imagine what we'll see when he turns 16? No hesitation. :) Can you say, 'Boy'????

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Thursday, September 14, 2006


I am sore.

I went back to the gym every day this week- well Monday-Wednesday doing all of my favorite aerobics classes and I am now having trouble doing simple things like WALKING :) heehee! Its a good sore though. I had been really good up until right before Reese's b-day party and then I had to miss one class here and another there- you know how that goes so with my goal being to make it in 3 times a week I have started once again with full force.

Monday (not that anyone cares) I do my weight lifting class with Paula who is probably a 50 something year old lady who still looks like freaking Barbie. Its sickening really but I love her class. ;)

Tuesday I go and do Adelle's step class. Sweet little Adelle. She beats the hell out of my body and I don't even realize it because she is so sweet and is just up there smiling away saying things like "You can do it" and "Thats the way".

Then on Wednesday night I do Susans class. Susan is a professional weight lifter and goes to competitions to compete and what knot. Basically she is built like a brick shit house. Can I say that? Anyway I have finally gotten to where I can keep up with her now and needless to say sometimes at the end of class when everyone else has left I am still in there laying on the floor and they have to drag me out so that the Latin Spice class can begin. :)

Now to add to all of that I am going to start training tomorrow with trainer Randy (on Fridays). Good God, somone please help me. :) heehee! We shall see how it goes tomorrow. Alot will depend on how Miss Reese likes the nursery. Last time I tried to put her in there they came and got me 10, yes 10 minutes later.

In other news I am happy to say that I think Ryan is finally adjusting to his pre-schools. He didn't cry and cling to my leg the last few times I dropped him off so I would say that is real progress :)

He got to see a real fire truck on Wednesday but he was upset that they wouldn't let him climb on the ladder. He also has decided that he is going to be a dentist at the age of almost 3 which is just fine with me.

Speaking of being almost 3 (WOW, where has the time gone?!?) our baby boy will be three next Sunday. Thursday we kick off the birthday festivities with bringing his class cupcakes and it continues on all the way through Sunday. We have lots o' fun stuff planned for young Mr. Watkins to do. Yes, I also love birthdays. :)

His friend-party is at Beyond Bounce on Saturday which is a moonwalk place. I am so pumped because there is no cleaning of my house required, there is no preparing tons of food- We just go with a cake and goody bags, order everyone pizza and they do the rest. doesn't that sounds relaxing? We shall see! Anyway thats about all I got for today. I am off to find my icyhot cream. :)

Happy Thursday!

Monday, September 11, 2006

On we go...

So what does one do to cheer oneself up when one has had a shitty week? They go to Party City, the Halloween Store!

Let me let you in on a little secret, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some HALLOWEEN!!!
Its by far my favorite holiday!

I also in general love the month of October. Fran and I celebrate our wedding anniversary, the time changes to where its darker earlier, Monday night football has resumed, all the good shows are back on, if you live anywhere but TX it starts to cool off... which is of course a great reason to start making chili and cornbread and all the other favorite cold weather foods!!

So here it is the middle of September, and yes I know its early, however last year we waited until the last minute to get costumes and the store was packed full, everything was out, the lines were like 20 people deep and it was MISERABLE!!! So this year we decided to get a jump on it!!!

After much deliberation it was decided that Mr. Bobo is going to be a pirate, arrrgh matey, (because he liked the idea of getting a sword :)) and my sweet Reese is going to be a lady bug, buzzzzzzz. Fran and I have yet to decide what we are going to be...

If you will look over at my sisters site you can see that her and I are completely nuts :) Happy Wednesday!