Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Yes my readers... a survey about ME for YOU.
I was tagged by my friend Shell so here goes:

I am...Nicole -Freaking- Watkins. Hear me?!

Ok... Ok... I am a Red Headed Aries. Need I say more?

I said..."OUCH, dammit. You dropped the fishing pole set on my toe." Then Ryan said "I'm sorry mama. Want me to kiss it?"

I want... a Nissan Pathfinder again.

I wish...I could charge, charge, charge and not pay, pay, pay. :)

I hate...a variety of things...animal cruelty, folding laundry, putting new pillow cases on pillows, it takes so long...the fact that I drive a MINIVAN. I cannot be my kewl self rolling up in a freaking Quest. I also hate living in a two story house. With little ones go with the ONE STORY. :)

I miss... my waistline from high school and college.

I fear...no beer.

I hear...nothing. Ahhhhh....

I wonder...what my children will look like when they are older.

I regret...that I didn't spend more time with my grandfather.

I am not...going to make dinner tonight!

I dance... around the living room with my son, daughter and husband all the time. We love the retro channel, we are dorks :)

I sing...louder when I have been drinking

I cry... When my Miller Lite runs out.

I'm not always...drinking but... Hey! sometimes it makes life more fun :)

I made...two GORGEOUS, sweet, precious and loving children.

I write...down "to-do" lists every day and LOVE crossing each item off!

I confuse...the time of boiling pasta, potatoes and eggs. Is it 12? Is it 15? I have to ask Fran almost every time :)

I need...Hugs and Kisses- lots of them every day. It makes it all worthwhile.
I should...be cleaning my house.

I start...each day with a strong cup of coffee.

I finish....each day by telling Fran right before I fall asleep "Night, Love you, Sweet dreams, See you in the morning."

I believe in...God, soul mates and happy endings.

I know...that my husband love, love, loves me. :)

I can...make you feel better when the world gets you down.

I can't... (don't want to)clean the litter boxes- they make me gag. I deal with enough poop on a daily basis. This also applies to toilets.

I see...my little Meadow Watkinos walking across the street. Yes, she is mean as shit but she loves us :)

I blog...so leave me a freaking comment :).

I read...preeety much these days when I am on the pot. OMG Did I just say that?! How embarrassing. :)

I am aroused by.. Fran's smile.

It pisses me off...when people lie to me.

I find...hot wheels, toys, all over the freaking house.

I like...sunsets on the beach.

I love...my family.


At 5:22 AM, Blogger Southern Fried Girl said...

Love the answers.

Promise to post today. LOLOL. I've been a major slacker in that department. :)

At 9:56 AM, Blogger Carrie said...

Hey! You can't tell Fran that at night, that was 'our' thing. :) Well, I guess you can, but geez...

I'm so making sure mom knows you talked about reading on the pot.... so unladylike! :)


At 1:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the reading on the potty thing runs in your fam because if I remember correctly I saw magazines at Carrie's apartment...hmmm...

I don't get the boiling eggs time thing either. I thought I did it right the other day and then I cracked it open and the dead center was still a little undone. Ugh.


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