Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Umm... Carrie I am taking back my blog now...

Hee-hee! OK You gotta love a sister who loves you.

Anyway today I present to you my garage...Trumpets sounding:

"Holy Neon Lights, Batman!!!"

So for my 25th...I mean my 32nd b-day I received from the Beebs and Pats (my parental units) a cool ass Miller Light neon sign which I had been wanting for like 4 years now. (And really is there any other beer that is better? I think not.)

Fran hung it up for me the very next day in the garage which I someday see as being sort of a barish type gameroom LOUNGE if you will..for my kids and the hubs and I to hang out in. Might as well keep the kids at MY house where I can keep an eye on them... RIGHT?!!!

So follow me now- I am thinking dart-board, ping-pong table, air hockey, comfy old couch, some oriental rug I can find cheaply at a garage sale, an Area 51 arcade game, disco ball and strobe lights, maybe a fog machine for Halloween parties and bar signs. Hence...A COOL GARAGE :)

So yesterday afternoon before my sister and I had so much fun giggling the night away creating the previous blog.. Fran and I's friend Buddha stopped by. Well what does he have with him???! A NEW Fabulous MILLER Light Sign...FOR ME!!

!!Happy Dance!!

Randy (Who we affectionately call Buddha and his family "The Buddhas" which his wife Dianne *HATES* sorry, it has just stuck all these years my love...) is the general manager for a local HOT spot here in Houston - The Goode Company Taqueria on Kirby- and apparently my hubs had asked him if he could "get his hands on one of these neon signs for Nicole's birthday" Well to put it in Randy's words.."I always deliver baby. It might take me a while (my birthday was April 5) but I always deliver. Uhh--Huhh! That's what I'm talking about!!!

Well thank you Buddhas for adding to my dream of having a cool ass garage LOUNGE someday that the kiddos when they get older... and I have to worry about their where-a-bouts... will maybe like to hang out in. After -what- like 10 years of being friends with you guys you still never fail to amaze me. (((((HUGS AND KISSES)))) Your friend Nicole.

Now to follow are some pics of the garage Voodoo Lounge to be:

First the new sign:
Buddha Miller Lite Sign
Second: The neon Miller Light sign my parents got for me and another one I ordered online:
Mom and Dad Miller Lite Sign
Then we have the crappy old refrigerator that used to be ours back in the day but now is preeety much only good for keeping juice boxes and beer cold:
My license plate I had when I was 16..well because I was HOT back then:
My New Orleans sign that I LOVE and ordered for a crawfish boil party we had. The "Beer on Draught" sign that my daddy painted for my mother when they were dating:
Beer On draught
AND finally my son, Mr. Bobo, who is wondering why in the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks are we out taking pictures of the garage?!:
Ryan in Wagon

That is all for now.


At 11:11 AM, Blogger Carrie said...

I didn't even see the sign the other night! Very cool!

If you convert the garage, where we will put all the crap in your backyard during hurricane season? :)

At 11:32 AM, Blogger TBG said...

He is so cute! Sounds like a great garage! He is looking at his Mama like she has lost her mind!

At 11:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering why you were telling me that you were going to put the suns that I gave you in the garage...

Carrie...sis will put all the backyard crap at YOUR know the one across the street you just INSIST you are going to buy out from under me...bitch... :-)

At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Di said...

It IS a pretty cool sign. Randy got one for us too, of course, but it is a Coors Light sign..... Who the f*** do we know who drinks Coors Light??? nobody. Oh, well, I guess since we are NOT planning on converting our garage, it is of little importance. Neon in general is just neato. And as far as Randy's quote.......well.....nevermind. wouldn't be prudent. ;-) And stop calling us 'the Buddhas'!

At 9:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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