Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pictures and Pizza

So what's up?

Lets see... here is a brief weekend review. Friday I went and worked out with my sisters trainer, Mr. Randy and lets just say that for the rest of the weekend I couldn't move! I thought that after 2 c-sections I had no abdominal muscles left but apparently I do because they are SORE!

Anyway the rest of the weekend was nice- a little yard work here a little celebrating my mommys birthday there. The parents came and got the kids for 4 hours on Sunday so the hubs and I had some alone time!

What do we do? We go shopping :) It was nice to leisurely look around. We got Ryan one of his BIG birthday presents because it was on sale and a bunch of other stuff we had been needing. That was about it :)

Yesterday I drug the kiddos over to get their pictures taken and they both did really well. You never know how its going to go until we get there :) Ryan however was in a very accommodating mood and wanted to be in every single shot.

Ahhh...taking after his mother already :)

That and the promise of a nice fat piece of pizza, an ice cream cone and some video games if he did well couldn't have hurt anything :)

Anyway boring as it is that's all I got! Happy TUESDAY!
Ryan and Reese7.17


At 7:26 AM, Blogger Southern Fried Girl said...

Those pictures you sent were so damn cute. Cracked me up. Glad they did well for them. Sometimes it's major meltdown.

At 8:36 AM, Blogger Carrie said...

So, he'll pose and smile for complete strangers, but run away from his aunt... nice. :)

Adorable pictures! :)

At 10:14 AM, Anonymous Dianne said...

Cute! was this the picture they wanted to make famous? (I couldn't open the e-mail link you sent....) I really need to attempt to get my kids' pictures taken, too. Maybe I would have luck at this place.

At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah yes bribery...works every time.

Haven't had time to look at pics yet. Have to do it later this week.

At 2:42 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

So let me understand this... he'll pose for those peeps, but not for Carrie?

At 3:00 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Cute pics. I don't think I have any ab muscles left from the c-section either but I haven't worked out to find out yet! I know I'm a bum.

At 6:53 AM, Blogger TBG said...

Carrie you just are not offering him the right stuff, hell Pizza, ice Cream and video games I would smile too!

Sounds like a busy weekend and you cant leave us hanging on Ryan's big gift!


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