Friday, July 07, 2006

We're Baaaaaack :)

We are back. We had a great vacation and while I could recap the entire event we would be here for days so I will touch on the bright points!!!

As you will recall we took the kids last Wednesday to the dr and RP had an ear infection Ryan was sick and I was sick. Well my mother who I affectionatley call Beebs called on Wednesday night and bascially TOLD me that I would be leaving Reese with her and my dad.

I put up a tired protest of "No mom, its ok, we can take her and I am sure she will start sleeping...blah, blah" and then Beebs fired back with "No, the baby has an ear infection and you don't need to be dragging her out in the hot sun to a sandy beach. She will stay here and then I can have some time to bond with her and you can get some sleep and get better."

Battle over.

As good as of a mom as I think I am... I even know when to wave my white flag and say OK, you're right.

So it was settled, we dropped Reese off on the way out of town on Thursday and therefore Ryan had us all to himself which I think he needed too :)
Welcome to Port Aransas

Let me give you an example of just how tired the three of us were. We went to sleep on Thursday night around 10 ish and all three of us slept until NOON the next day. Ummm-Hmmm thats right...NOON!!! Ryan included!

My parents have the blackout shades down there so no sun gets in if you don't want it to and it just so happened that a nice thunderstorm rolled in on Thursday night so it was dark, cool and rainy. Peeeerfect-o sleeping weather :)

After the marathon sleeping we took Ryan into Corpus and went to the Texas State Aquarium and then to HEB to load up on groceries and such. Our friends the Deans were headed in that night with their camper and were planning on staying on the beach. Well... I won't go into all of the mishaps they encountered but the poor babies ended up staying with us on Friday night :)

And when I say "camper" don't take that lightly like I did. When they rolled up I basically gasped at how long and big the darn thing was- It was like an entire street long and when its opened its like a freaking traveling hotel suite on wheels. Kitchen and fireplace to boot! WOW.

They got settled on the beach on Saturday morning and that is where we spent all of our day and night. By Saturday I was actually starting to feel somewhat like a human bean I mean being again. It was great.
Mommy and Ryan
Lola and Ryan on beach
Kids flying kites
Kites in the sky
Ryan going surfing
Fran and sandcastle
Ryan and Net
Kiddos and toys
The Deans
Nicole Shelli and Lola

Sunday we got up and went to the beach again just in time for some ribs hot off the grill that Byron cooked. Ummm. And I wonder why I can't lose weight;) Sunday night we hung out at the condo and grilled burgers and spent some time with my sister and her friends Jenn and Janelle. :))
Jenn, Carrie and Ryan
Ryan in his new Reef flip flops
Ryan in new Reefs

Monday was another nice stormy and rainy day in Port Aransas, thundering and lightening day again- so all we did was watch movies the entire day- In Her Shoes, Down with Love and Just like Heaven. The Deans actually went back on Monday due to the fact that the camper had sank into the sand like 6 inches and was not showing any signs of stopping. It was sad to see them go but I could understand as I have seen entire cars that get eaten by the sand and tides :)

That night we took Ryan to ride back and forth on the ferry boat because he had been so good all day and cooped up! After that we went to the beach to look for baby sand crabs that come out at night.
What is that?!

Ryan loved this.
Ryan and his first sandcrab!
We also inherrited a bon- fire that some people had left so it turned out to be a really fun evening.

Tuesday, or rather the 4th of July we saw Carrie and all of her friends off then headed to the beach.
Happy 4th of July!
After staying there for a while Ryan wanted to go on the "Dolphin" boat again so we did that then went and ate at Virginia's on the water.

Review: YEECH.

I didn't like anything. The music even was bad. That and we paid 8$ for Ryans chicken strips. GOOD GOD. Way to expensive for crap-o-la food. After that lovely feast we headed back to clean everything and pack to go home the next day. They did the island fireworks like they always do and we watched from out in front of the condo. It was cool.

Yesterday we packed the car and stopped off in Aransas Pass at this little old town strip center place to eat called the Old Town Grill. It was cheap and the food rocked.

While we were in there eating another horrendous storm rolled in and when we went to get in the car our tires were almost covered by water. No kidding. From Aransas Pass to Rockport the highway was flooded and at one point the minivan was floating. Lovely. The trusty Nissan got us through though and we made it home to our sweet Reesey. Ahhh it was so good to see her- I swear she grew while we were gone!!!

So thats it!! We are back and its raining here in Houston. I actually don't care though, I mean if I had to be sick all last week and I have to be sad today that our vacation is over it may as well be raining :)

Until next time...:)


At 8:07 AM, Blogger Carrie said...

I could've told you Virginia's is way overpriced for the food they serve - Trout Street is always better.

Dude - why did you post that butt-ass ugly picture of me? No makeup, no shower, hungover - good stuff. :)

The kiddos look so adorable!!! I see Fran dug his usual pit on the the beach to make his sand castle towers. :)

I still love that Ryan said, 'Momma has crabs'


At 10:41 AM, Blogger Southern Fried Girl said...

Glad you made it home in one piece.

Your kids are sooooooooo cute.

At 8:10 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

Sorry I'm so late commenting... looks like you guys had a BLAST in Port A. And did Ryan seriously say "momma has crabs"? WTH? Well, at least you didn't have to listen to Chris talk about his "penises" (yes, that's plural) all weekend... and how horrible it would be if he "had penises for hands". LOL. He's heard the word penis A LOT lately because Roy has had kidney stones for the past week or so. Penises. LOL.


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