Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Reese Honor Watkins turns ONE!!!

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...

Reese-Aug 30, 2006
Happy Birthday dear Reese...
Happy Birthday to you!

Happy 1st Birthday my darling!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Birthday Pics..

So, my sister Nicole hasn't updated in a while, so until she gets her pictures from Reese's Birthday party together, I thought I'd share some with ya'll. :) These are all PRE-party, as I wasn't there, but they're still cute! :)

big cake
Reeses cake
Ryan was a very good helper blowing up balloons and thought it was so funny when one would 'accidentally' slip and fly around the room.
Ryan balloon help2
Reesey was also very mesmerized with the balloons:
reese ballons

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Take me out to the Ballgame...


So as luck would have it we Watkins stumbled across 4 tickets to the Astros game yesterday. Our friend Ronny has season tix and he wasn't using them so he offered them to us! Umm ya'll want some FREE tickets that are really good seats? Umm why SUUUUUURRRREEEE!!!

So the 4 of us ventured out to Minute Maid park and since we arrived close to the end of the game we got a front freaking row parking place. Like here we were here and 10 feet away is the entrance to the park. Kewl!

They also had the roof closed so it was actually cool inside (no visible sweating) ! We had a fabulous time and I consider that a "test run" for when we take Ryan to the game with us, his "Papa" and his "Na-Na" for his brithday! (Grand Beebs and Reese will be hanging out together that night :))

Anyway here are the pics!
Happy Thursday!!!

The Astros


Here is a very good picture of RP...Ryan was upsest because he did not want his picture taken- he wanted to go and get a Sprite. :)
Smile for us Ryan
Roof opening
Ryan watching roof


Hmm what shall I discuss today?

I could tell you about how my son almost broke his leg on Monday by falling off a ladder while were were hanging his glow in the dark solar system in his room...nah, to emotional and he didn't by the way... the x-rays proved that.

I could tell you how my friend Jennifer came over yesterday and informed me that she is reading a Feng Shui book and that since I have a bathroom under the stairs I need to get a red light of some sorts so that my children won't be "unruly"....please refer back to the first paragraph ;)...Nah.

I could tell you that I love me some Marshalls and scored a beautimous rug and lamp there yesterday...nah you will have to come to RP 1st b-day to see it. :)

Ok well I didn't get it for $3.00 SHELL but it was a pretty good deal.

I could tell you that my parents are watching the kiddos for us on Saturday/Sunday this weekend and if we manage to get everything done for RP's birthday party then we are going to act like we did before we had children and go and see the Psychedelic Furs, When in Rome and Devo at the Reliant Arena*Whoo Hoo* But, nah...

I CAN tell you evil twin sistah SFG, that I do not want your man. I have my own whom I love, love, love. But if you could sprinkle a little bit of your mans country music lovin on him that would be great! I miss two-stepping!!! :) He used to appease me back when we first met and we would go dancing but he had to be under umm influences of "spirits" :) heehee!!!

Thats all I have today ladies and gentlemen.
Watkins out!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


My new favorite song is

"When the Stars Go Blue" by Mr. Tim McGraw.

I guess thats my inner country coming out in me but I love it. I also am still addicted to the Killers "Mr. Brightside"

Sure you wanted to know that, right?
That is all :)

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Cutest picture, Ever...

Tiger pair Lolas Bday

Ok well maybe not to you but it is to me! This is Mr. Bobo and his Lola Dean. We went to the zoo on Saturday morning and celebrated her 3rd bithday! Well today is her actual birthday so again Lola Grace Happy B-day!

Weekend Review:
Friday evening we hung out with the Sister and the Buddhas. Good food, good company.

Saturday we got up and went to Lolas party and then afterwards (from being out in the sun I suppose)BOTH children took 3 and 1/2 hour naps! WOW! I took this opportunity to go and finally join Sams Club. I have been hearing about what great deals they have from my friend Sherese and from the Deans for years now! We always joke with the Deans that they got Lola at Sams- she was a blue light special :) ANYWAY I went through the entire store, dropped some major dough but I will not need ziploc bags for another year along with laundry detergent and so on :)

Saturday night we went with the sis and Miss Jen to Randy's (Buddha) 36th b-day party at his house and lemme tell you they decorated to the nines! I was thoroughly impressed and had a great time. When it started to get late I asked Ryan "Are you ready to go son?" To which he replied, "No mama, I have fun here" :) I was a loser and had a camera but for some reason didn't use it.

Sunday Reese again decided to not let us sleep in and got up at 7:00- YEECH- but we made a huge breakfast which is our weekend tradition and then we headed over to the pool. We have two pools to choose from in the neighborhood so we tried the one we hadn't been to and I loved it- The water seemed way cooler and it was just really nice. Anyway it also wasn't as hot as hotdogs so that helped and there was a nice breeze blowing.

They have a water slide which my son must have gone down like 109 times, I went down 10 times and the hubs went down about 12. Am I a kid at heart (dork) or what? It was fun! I can't wait until the kids are both older and we can do Schlitterban!!! Yes I am sure we were drawing some looks from the other swimmers because we were all hooping and hollaring even Miss RP, but to me laughing it up with your family at the pool on a Sunday afternoon is what its all about. *OK Carrie yes I sound like a Jane, I know...would it help if I said one of the kids pooped in the pool?* They didn't of course and it was a great way to finish off a great weekend!

That was our weekend. How was yours? Happy Monday!!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Has Everyone seen the Wiggles Post?

Because if not I can like leave it up for another week...;) heehee!

Well Happy Friday!

Its 6:30 and I am up- WTF?! I am not a morning person and I have never claimed to be however it seems that my daughter is. She has been waking up at 6:00 a.m. this week but then she goes back to bed, happily.

I, on the other hand, have drug ass out of bed, waddled (yes, you start to waddle at age 32) into the kitchen to make a bottle with my eyes closed, walked UPSTAIRS (I hate stairs) changed her diaper, held the bottle while the sweet princess drinks and goes happily back to sleep. *Score* Then I check on Mr. Bobo, go back down stairs (Have I mentioned that I don't like stairs?) Then decide to sleep or not to sleep. Its like 6:00 is just a bit TO early to actually get up so do I go back to sleep or stay up? Usually its no question and back in bed I go but then what sucks about that is I have to re-wake up AGAIN at 7:30 ish which is her usualy wake time and then rewake myself up again which can somtimes be worse. Did any of that make sense? I need to go and get my coffee...

So while I wish I could say we have been busy doing all kinds of cool stuff- not so much. Its just the everyday doings lately :) We did however finally get the Bobo a new mattress. We have been saying we were going to do this for ages now but never got around to it because of usual :) We WILL get around to it eventually but these days that can sometimes take a while. Me, being the Aries that I am have had trouble adjusting to being all ready to go *whoo-hoo* then someone needs to be fed, changed or a nap * GAWL* but I have learned to roll with the punches I mean there is really no use to offer resistance.

So this week I need to say Happy Birthday to the following:

Miss Lola Dean is turning 3
Miss Riley Tran is turning 3
Mr. Buddha..I mean Randy... is turning 21 again
and Shell's MAN whom if I am not mistaken is the same age as my man is turning a year older and certainly wiser. Also my other friend Rachel will be blowing out some candles this week. Good GOD theres alot of bdays!

Happy Birthday all you Leos!!!

Ok well thats all I got. Give me a break I need coffee! Next week I am going to showcase for you my friend Melissa's talents. Are you intrigued? You should be!

That is all.

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Wiggles

Here are some momentos from our first ever Wiggles show. For those of you with kids, ummm-hmmm. For those of you without kids...your time is coming. :)

It was actually pretty good. (Did I say that?) There were a couple of 4 years olds rushing the stage that had to be contended with- a couple of 5 year olds who o.d.'ed on cotton candy- you know- your every day concert.

Then there were the kiss asses...

OK you are supposed to bring 'roses' to give to Dorothy the dinosaur. So here come mommys and daddys with their dozens of freaking gorgeous real roses. Come on now people have you never heard of the dollar store?! I am quite sure the 2 year old you are toting on your hip didn't request to go to the florist and drop down $100 on the freaking roses.

Then people brought bones, real dog bones, for Wags the Dog, people brought fruit- bananas, apples.. for the fruit salad song. Kiss Asses.

All I can say is I hope that all of those thousands of real gorgeous flowers were taken to a local hospital and that the bones were given to the SPCA. Then at least it would have been for a good cause.

Let me tell you-these guys are genius because they must be making a whopping fortune every time!

Here was the rundown:
3 Tickets: $100
2 small drinks $7.50
2 chocolate chip cookies: $3.00
1 Wiggles Light wand: $15.00
Total: $135.50

Now lets multiply that by thousands! Golly- I want to be a Wiggle.

Here are the pics- This is us, Mr. Bobo, his friend Lauren and her mommy Dianne.
Daddy and Ryan the Wiggles

Mommy and Ryan at the Wiggles

Ryan and Lauren

Dianne and Lauren


The Big Red Car

Dorothy the Dino

Wags and Henry

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Shade of Gray

Ok so last week I noticed that one of Mr. Bobo's front teeth was turning gray. Ahhhhhh FREAK OUT!! I was a bit freaked out thinking maybe he banged it on something and it was dead and he'd be toothless until he was like 10 but all in all I handled it fairly well... ;)So I called my dentist and he referred us to a pediatric dentist.

Let me just say this. Both Ryan and I had the best possible experience with this practice.

I love to complain about when things go wrong and such but I should also give kuddos out when its due. So if you are one of my friends with little ones and you have not yet found yourself a pediatric dentist...I STRONGLY recommend Dr. Sheryl Hunter Griffith out in Katy on Fry road.

That being said lets start at the beginning.

I called them Tuesday and low and behold the lady who answered the phone was friendly, patient, listened to what I had to say and my concerns, made me an appointment at 10 and then called me later in the afternoon to tell me that a 10:15 had opened up and would I prefer that since I had mentioned to her it was hard to get them ready and out of the house.

Well yes, I would love the later appointment, why thank you for caring!!! Also she told me to go to the website and print off all of our paperwork so that we wouldn't have to mess with it in the office. Now if you are in possession of a toddler you will know that the less you have to fill out in office the better.

Appointment Setting: A freaking +.

So Wed morning (running late as usual) we stopped by my parents house to pick up Grand Beebs who wanted to go with us to help out- Always good to have a Grand Beebs on board. We arrived at the office about 5 minutes late- when we walked in the lady was also very nice- checked us in and we sat down. Chicken Little was playing on a large tv where they had a nice plush rug and a bunch of large pillows so the kiddos could lounge around and watch the video. We waited for about 5 minutes.
Wait time: A flippedy +

Once the nurse or hygenist whatever she was came to get Ryan (and I kid you not) she was on him like white on rice. And being the attention deprived toddler he is well he couldn't get enough. First she showed him around the office... which every room was painted in some different theme and he got to pick which room he wanted. My son of course chose the Beach room.
The Beach Room

Grand Beebs and Reese
So we went in and she put some rubber gloves on Ryan and then introduced him to Sammy the Snake and hands him a large toothbrush so he could brush Sammys teeth. When the lady came in to take the x-ray Ryan was having so much fun he didn't even think twice about putting the film in his mouth and holding still.

Ryan and Sammy

1st Dentist Visit

Ryan x-ray
I am telling you every time the child did anything they gave him something. You did great on the x-ray- Have a Dora coloring book. We need another x-ray, here have a monster truck. I was thoroughly impressed with the constant distraction ...I mean entertainment... they provided. They never let him be bored for even a second. Dr. Griffith and Ryan

Checking out his teeth

When Dr. Griffith came in Mr. Bobo did everything they told him while she checked his teeth. Proud parent moment! (I had envisioned kicking, screaming and some biting...;)) When he was all done he got to pick out a new toothbrush to put in his goodie bag they gave him, then he got to pick out 2 stickers and received a balloon. I am telling you this place was better than Chuck E. Cheese.

Overall experience: A FANTABULOUS ++++!!!

So while I know life is hard and people don't shove presents at you everytime you do something right *although it would be really nice* For them to make him think of the dentist as a "fun" experience as a child can't be a bad thing.

So. Need a dentist? Want me to take your kid there for you? I just loved it and they shall be our dentist from now on.

And the dx if you were wondering was trauma to the tooth. Apparently it is very common in BOYS. Mr. Bobo must have hit it at some time in the last month ...the only time I can remember was one rocking horse incident. They said to monitor it and most often times it will turn white again- There is just some nerve damage currently.

So for today we are off to see the Wiggles, Live! this afternoon. They are an Australian group who dress in colored Star Trek looking outfits and sing and dance on a cartoon channel for kids. Popular songs include "Friut salad, yummy, yummy" and "Shake your hips with Wags the dog"

So we are going to take Ryan downtown and check them out. His friend Lauren and her mommy Dianne have seats right next to ours so either way the event should be fun. Anyone have any vodka? ;) KIDDING. Ok not really... give me some alcohol!!!

Have a Happy Thursday!
That is all.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

2 Year and 10 month old Boy=Broken Window

Don't go breaking my Windows...

Yep. As of last night at approximately 8:30 p.m. my son, Mr. Bobo, broke his first window.

Bobo and RP are playing in the game room what is actually my dining room peacefully and quietly...

Ok well neither of those but they were playing.

I, being the outstanding mother of the year that I am, had my happy bootie plopped in one said green bean bag not more than 6 feet away from the alleged children.

I was sitting there like any good mother would be eyeing them like a hawk to make sure no unnecessary roughness would occur. ;)

Ok... not exactly- actually I had my sights set on Supernanny thinking to myself... I am sure glad my kids aren't that bad! Whew! :)


Let me give you the run down of how my two children play.

Mr. Bobo has a train table if you will in the middle of the room that random toys are scattered about on. RP who has not yet figured out that she can walk holds on to the table and follows Mr. Bobo around it wanting whatever he has his hands on.

After swiping the toy from him if he lets her, she takes it, inspects it and then just like any girl would do tosses it over her shoulder and moves on to the next item.

Mr. Bobo tolerates this pretty well except for when his sister dares take his "prized possessions"...aka King Kong, Hot wheels, well just about any toy of his in general. ;)

So there they were peacefully playing with me eyeing them "like a hawk" when out of the corner of my eye and ear I hear "No, RP!" and see a foreign object hurling through the air and then "Crack".

Apparently RP had tried playing with the super speed racer toy and Bobo went to grab it not realizing that RP was holding on for dear life at which point he had to pull harder...she let go and wheeeewzers- through the air goes the super speed racer all the way into my window.

First broken window: 2 years and 10 months.

Luckily for us I think that I have the broken windows policy in the insurance. I guess we will see how many ways they can screw me today when I call to see about getting it fixed.

When asked WHY did you throw that super speed racer through the air, son??

Mr. Bobo replied: "I don't know mama."

So sweet so innocent.

So I tell him from now on *yeah right* we do not throw ANYTHING in the house to which Bobo replied
"And no firecrackers inside the house because they could hurt you."

Ummm yeah, what the two almost three year old said. :)
That is all.
Happy Tuesday~!