Thursday, September 14, 2006


I am sore.

I went back to the gym every day this week- well Monday-Wednesday doing all of my favorite aerobics classes and I am now having trouble doing simple things like WALKING :) heehee! Its a good sore though. I had been really good up until right before Reese's b-day party and then I had to miss one class here and another there- you know how that goes so with my goal being to make it in 3 times a week I have started once again with full force.

Monday (not that anyone cares) I do my weight lifting class with Paula who is probably a 50 something year old lady who still looks like freaking Barbie. Its sickening really but I love her class. ;)

Tuesday I go and do Adelle's step class. Sweet little Adelle. She beats the hell out of my body and I don't even realize it because she is so sweet and is just up there smiling away saying things like "You can do it" and "Thats the way".

Then on Wednesday night I do Susans class. Susan is a professional weight lifter and goes to competitions to compete and what knot. Basically she is built like a brick shit house. Can I say that? Anyway I have finally gotten to where I can keep up with her now and needless to say sometimes at the end of class when everyone else has left I am still in there laying on the floor and they have to drag me out so that the Latin Spice class can begin. :)

Now to add to all of that I am going to start training tomorrow with trainer Randy (on Fridays). Good God, somone please help me. :) heehee! We shall see how it goes tomorrow. Alot will depend on how Miss Reese likes the nursery. Last time I tried to put her in there they came and got me 10, yes 10 minutes later.

In other news I am happy to say that I think Ryan is finally adjusting to his pre-schools. He didn't cry and cling to my leg the last few times I dropped him off so I would say that is real progress :)

He got to see a real fire truck on Wednesday but he was upset that they wouldn't let him climb on the ladder. He also has decided that he is going to be a dentist at the age of almost 3 which is just fine with me.

Speaking of being almost 3 (WOW, where has the time gone?!?) our baby boy will be three next Sunday. Thursday we kick off the birthday festivities with bringing his class cupcakes and it continues on all the way through Sunday. We have lots o' fun stuff planned for young Mr. Watkins to do. Yes, I also love birthdays. :)

His friend-party is at Beyond Bounce on Saturday which is a moonwalk place. I am so pumped because there is no cleaning of my house required, there is no preparing tons of food- We just go with a cake and goody bags, order everyone pizza and they do the rest. doesn't that sounds relaxing? We shall see! Anyway thats about all I got for today. I am off to find my icyhot cream. :)

Happy Thursday!


At 3:05 PM, Blogger Carrie said...

I think tomorrow you get off easy doing measurements and going over stuff and whatnot. Oh, and I'm sure you'll get the lecture about not drinking. :P Would you mind telling him that I AM always right while you're there? :)

Can't wait for Bo-Bo's bday festivities to begin!!!!!!

At 12:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There will be drugs handed out for adults at Ryan's party, right?

Oh right, I already told you I'm going to be really really busy that day. How about I just show up at your house afterwards with a cold beer in hand for ya?

At 2:45 PM, Blogger SFG said...

Awwww, happy almost birthday, Ryan.

You go wit yo bad self with all that working out. I so wish I had your motivation. Instead, I am a sloth.

At 12:16 PM, Blogger Carrie said...


you had time to critique all the available men, yet can't update out here?



At 3:38 PM, Blogger SFG said...

Hi, it's the 21st.

I'm just sayin.

At 8:16 PM, Blogger Southern Fried Girl said...


I shall just leave it at that.

God DAMN I am annoying huh?


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